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  • how to launch your website in four weeks or less

    by on Jan 21st, 2015

    Right around the time I decided to shift to working with healers + creatives in my business, I met Jen Anderson from the Daring Happiness.

    She’s the fearless leader + Chief Happiness Alchemist of the Daring Happiness Revolution. When she’s not leading Certified Desire Map + Daring Way™ Facilitator workshops she serves clients at her private practice in Portland.

    launch your website in record time

    We crossed paths, because she wanted to launch a new website in record time. I’ll turn it over to her to tell the full story, but first I want to mention that the amount of time it took to launch her site from her first contacting me to the delivery of her final draft was just one week!  Between myself as her copywriter + her graphic designer she was able to move at lightning speed.  


    Q: When did you decide to launch your new website?

    A: I decided that I needed a new website right around Thanksgiving + was hoping that I could launch it by the end of the year. It actually launched on December 20th.


    Untitled 1Q: How did my copy make creating your website easier?

    A: Dude. I feel like I wouldn’t HAVE a website without your copy. Ha! There would be pretty pictures + some really boring words floating around. Your copy made everything fit together with a common thread + gave my designer a better idea of how things should flow. 

    Q: How did my work save you time?

    A: I would have spent weeks doing what you did in a few days. And it still wouldn’t have been as good. You rock.



    Q: How does it feel to have a completed website?

    A: It feels really good. I’m proud of it. I didn’t feel like I was clear enough on my own voice or what I even needed to say to be able to communicate that to you. But boy was I wrong! You got it so easily + quickly + made it very simple to fill out the forms that supply what you need. Plus all the Skype sessions really help. The process was completely painless…I should have done this months ago!

    I also liked the holistic aspect of your service. You really look at the big picture of my business, where I want to go, where I’ve come from, etc. You look at things with all kinds of knowledge + background that I don’t think many copywriters have.


    Here are the three lessons I learned from Jen about how to launch your website in record time:

    #1:: Attitude is Everything- The hardest part about launching a site is going into overwhelm, or taking yourself way too seriously. Working with Jen was a barrel of laughs the entire time, because she completely surrendered + trusted the process of both myself as her copywriter + her designer.


    #2:: Be Daring- Jen’s tagline is “Great Things Come to Those Who Dare.” She embodies this wholeheartedly + now she has a new website to show for it. Many entrepreneurs stop themselves before they ever get started, because they want everything to be perfect. I often tell entrepreneurs that your website is a living document. Instead of trying to make everything perfect just release your ideas out there + know they can always be changed later.


    #3:: Honesty is Key- If you want to get your online presence out there quickly then tell the truth + share your personality. Instead of trying to fill the shoes of what you think you should look + act like online. Oscar Wilde said it best: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. 

    Now I want turn it over to you. What’s your secret to getting things done quickly with your business? Be so kind to leave a comment below, so we can all learn how to be more productive.


    With Luminosity,






    P.S. There’s a new DIY (stands for Do It Yourself) Facebook community forming for healers + creatives. It’s a place for people who love learning how to write their own copy, design their own website, make their own graphics + learn about any other process-based tools that we need to grow our empires.

    Let’s unite + make beautiful marketing media together. Click here to join:

    DIY Community









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  • 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Website Design or Re-Design

    by on Jan 7th, 2015

    It’s 2015– hooray! Most of us are probably spending some time reflecting on where we’ve been + thinking about where we’re headed.

    As I reflect back to the time before I got started as a copywriter, I had a career as an art installer in the LA museum circuit.  I was injured on the job + walked away from it all to pursue my creative writing. I dove in headfirst to the entrepreneur life + a year after starting my copywriting business I found Marie Forleo’s B-School. At that point in my entrepreneur journey, my income was sporadic at best.  

    In November 2013 I launched my newly repackaged copywriting website from what I learned in B-School, which was a huge positive shift for my business + income. That same month I headed out on a major hiking trip in Zion Park, Utah.

    Before + After

    The parallels between those two experiences were not lost on me. Although I had managed to make it to the peak of the hike + my website was finally going live around that time, I also knew I was nowhere near the end of my journey.

    From the top of  Zion I certainly had a new perspective from being up so high, but I still had the long hike back down the mountain. Most people think the hike down is easy, but they forget that you work just as hard while engaging different muscles going down.

    Gravity certainly works in your favor, but by no means can you go on autopilot if you want to safely make it down the mountain.

    zion smallI tried to keep that in mind when my website finally went live. After achieving that new level in my business there was still plenty of work to get my brand out into the world, it just involved using new muscles to keep moving forward. B-School has definitely helped me stay on that path.

    Here are the 3 lessons I learned about promoting + re-designing my website:

    #1:: Barter- When you’re first getting started as a solopreneur it can be a very costly adventure. I recommend reaching out to your network to see if you can’t barter for services with a graphic designer.

    #2:: Learn to DIY- Being an entrepreneur means you’re going to have to embrace technology + do one of two things. Either you learn to do it yourself, or you hire someone to do it for you. I wrote a book about how to DIY website copy + you can get all the details by clicking HERE.  

    #3:: Set Realistic Goals- Any time you dive into creating a new online presence the timeline will always end up being longer than you first expected. Lower your expectations + keep your standards high, so you won’t be disappointed with the results that you get.

    As I continue on this entrepreneurial journey I have to remember to pace myself, stay hydrated, be vigilant + stay present when I work on my business. One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2014 is to enjoy the ups + downs of the entrepreneurial experience, because there will be peaks + valleys at every turn.

    With Luminosity,





    P.S. I’m a proud affiliate of Marie Forleo’s B-school. If you sign up through my link later this year (pre-launch training begins in February) I’m leading a program for healers + creatives who want to write or re-write their own website. Get on the early bird list if you want all the details + a bonus gift for signing up for B-School through my link.

    Be the first to get access when B-School opens up + receive my bonus gifts:

    Want free writing tips before and after B-School?

    FULL DISCLOSURE: At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you do make a purchase through my affiliate link. I recommend Marie Forleo, because I wholeheartedly believe in her + the B-School community. I don’t recommend investing in B-School unless you truly feel it will help you to achieve your goals.

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  • 2015.. let’s hang + write our hearts out

    by on Dec 23rd, 2014

    2015.. ditch the excuses - write yourSo today I’m dedicating this blog post in response to the questions I’ve had about upcoming dates for my live DIY Website Writing Workshops in 2015. I’m excited to share that they will be growing beyond what I imagined.

    There will be three ways to experience my DIY Website Writing workshop in 2015: online, live + by phone. The phone course can be taken from anywhere + so far the live workshop will be in Los Angeles (it may go on tour to other cities). 

    The online course will be available directly from me and there will be a FREE video training series. I’m expecting many of the events + online courses to sell out. Drop your information below, so you won’t miss a thing in 2015.

    Hop on my VIP list, you will get first access to available dates

    Want free writing tips before and after the workshop?

    I’m still offering 1:1 copywriting services + as as a thank you for being a part of this journey I will be sure to send you first access if you join the VIP list above. As you can see, my business is shifting + I’m not going to lie, I could definitely get used to this.



    Two goals I didn’t even set for my business are happening all on their own.

    My brand is being pitched for guest posting, speaking + partnerships. I also have several sources of passive income that will grow without my attention. The funny thing about growth like this is that from the outside it looks like success is an easy thing to come by.

    Can I be perfectly honest with you? It does feel easy now that I’ve built some momentum. But getting to this point as an entrepreneur took some major dedication, the path to get here definitely had its twists + turns.

    So if you want to get your feet wet in being an entrepreneur I say go for it, but for the love of all things holy make sure it’s something that you absolutely love doing.

    For now I want to encourage you to keep shining with whatever you’re doing, you never know who’s watching.

    With Luminosity,






    P.S. If you can’t wait until the release of these events + the online course then I encourage you to check out my book by clicking HERE. It’s a self lead DIY Website Writing Guide for entrepreneurs.

    P.P.S. I hosted a giveaway of my book earlier this month. The luck winner is.. drum roll please. Michele Summers!! Deep thanks to everyone that filled out the survey (I’m no longer accepting responses, but you’ll be the first to know if I do this again).

    I used to choose the winner and here are the results. 

     Random Book Michele 11

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