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  • what’s a writing vacation?

    by on Sep 17th, 2014

    About a month ago I got to cross off the hike to Angel’s Landing in Utah’s Zion National Park from my bucket list. It’s a four hour hike starting in the valley + ending on a ridge where you have to use a chain to make sure you don’t fall off. The view is absolutely breathtaking as you can see in the photo below.

    In case it’s not clear already I love to be challenged + feel accomplished when I travel. When I was branding my business I wanted to incorporate that infectious love for challenge, accomplishment + travel. So today I’m dedicating this blog post in response to the questions I’ve had about how I created my copywriting brand around my passions.   



    I created writing vacations, because I wanted my copywriting services to be stress free for you. While on a writing vacation with me you are the main focus + I only work with one client at a time.

    I’m able to do that, because all of my writing projects are completed in five days or less. (Yes, you read that right!). Like all vacations it requires an investment, but this is one experience that will result in profits for you.

    You deserve a writing vacation

    Our co-creation begins with me sending a well thought out list of targeted questions that help me to fully understand your brand before our first call. Our first phone or online video chat will be all about unraveling your brand messaging.

    I’m all about turning online lookers into buyers. If you speak marketing strategy, like me, we call it writing copy that converts.  Whether you choose the Weekend Warrior, Honeymoon, or Summer Vacay package, I will deliver stress-free, high value content that will build the foundation of your dream business online.

    The first draft will be open for tweaking + revisions to make sure it’s aligned with your vision. Once I have your revisions we’re more than halfway done! After I send you the final revisions you can get ready to shine + break out the party poppers.

    Your brand spankin’ new copy will amplify the volume of your online personality. Together we will be one step closer to creating a world where time-strapped entrepreneurs are wholeheartedly supported by killer copy + online strategies that makes dreams grow + cash flow.

    I invite you to read more about my writing vacations + get all the pricing information from my sales page by clicking HERE.

    Think of me as more than just a copywriter, really I’m an extension of your brand + marketing strategy team. I’ll put together copy that sets your online business ablaze while you spend your precious time enriching people’s lives with more of your presence.

    Pack your virtual bags + get ready for our world of words adventure!

    I would love to hear how you have used your passions to inspire and fuel the creativity of your business brand. Leave me a comment below and a link if you have it.

    With Luminosity,






    P.S. I recently had the honor of going on a writing vacation with Grammy Award winning singer songwriter Chrisette Michele. We collaborated on the copywriting for her new online home for music, art, fashion + much more. Take a peek at















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  • Case Study: Dari Design Studio

    by on Aug 31st, 2014

    As a copywriter, I’m always on the look out for stellar designers. We often team up as partners on projects, because we both hold a vision for creating beautiful websites that turn online lookers into buyers.

    It’s such a treat when I get to work on the copy for graphic design websites. Mainly because we speak the same language when it comes to marrying the words with stellar design. I can also tell you that there is nothing more gratifying than seeing the written content go live.

    Which brings me to today’s case study: Dari Design Studio.

    Case Study- Dari Design Studio

    I first found out about Dari Design Studio through an online networking group. As practicing graphic artists with a combined experience of over 30 years in design, co-founders of Dari Design Studio, the Venezuelan sisters Dariana + Dariela Cruz live in Redondo Beach + San Diego, California.   

    Dari Sisters

    The first time I saw their work I instantly fell in love + their knowledge of WordPress design is top notch. Their design makes visitors feel satisfied + fresh with bold patterns + colors as the viewer experiences their striking, vibrant aesthetic.

    I was floored + honored to write the copy for their online shop. As they launch the newest page of their website I asked them a couple of questions about our experience together.

    Q: How did my copy make creating your shop easier?

    A: The copy gave us precious content + a clear voice from which we started the design of our shop. The project became more clear once your copy confined our message + our style with such ease + assertiveness.

    Q: How did my writing save you time?

    A: Oh, this one is a funny question. The time that it takes me to put a paragraph together is endless. Especially because English is not my first language. So believe there was tons of time saved during this process. No doubt!

    If you want access to all my secrets for writing a killer online shop or sales page then I encourage you to join us at the next Unleash Your Voice workshop. Read on below for all the details, or take a peek at the event details HERE.


    With Luminosity,








    Me, you (read: coaches, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, beautiful creative souls…) + all those writing projects you’ve been putting off for longer than you’d like to admit.

    It’s finally time to tackle those tasks that have been burning a hole in the back of your mind.

    On the surface this two day workshop is about underpinning your website copy with marketing strategy, but really this course is about releasing creative blocks + cultivating your greatness through storytelling.

    You will receive a guide book with actionable steps that will serve as a lens for telling your story in a writing format.

    As you get more comfortable revealing your greatness you will attract more of your dream clients online.

    >>>Click here for Los Angeles tickets, Sept. 26 + 27 <<<

    What will we co-create during Unleash Your Voice?

    • Dive into your why + learn how to share it.
    • Craft the bio that keeps being pushed to the bottom of your work pile.
    • High value writing resources that will be paired with practices that can be drawn upon daily.
    • Create the almighty sales page with natural language that doesn’t feel awkward or hard sales-y.
    • Learn how to write a pitch that taps into your greatness.
    • Write five taglines that illustrate your brand perfectly.


    What should you expect if you attend?

    When you attend Unleash Your Voice there will be 25 like-minded, brave souls ready to liberate their minds. This workshop means you will finally have time to focus on your personal narrative through the lens of concise storytelling.

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  • Which story do you tell to sell?

    by on Aug 18th, 2014

    I recently posted a question to a few online groups, because I was curious about the past lives of my fellow entrepreneurs. Not all of us started as entrepreneurs, some of us started in corporate land, others were full time parents + if you’re like me you used to freelance for museums throughout Los Angeles installing art before diving head first into being a copywriter.

    These stories make us who we are today + inform us of where we’re headed. But when you share your story with the world it’s impossible to include every detail of your experiences.

     From story tellingInstead you want to give them a snapshot of where you’ve  been + where you’re headed. What you choose to share depends on who you’re talking with + how you would like to steer the conversation.

    When you listen to what interests them then you can connect + relate to them with the parts of your story that feels the most relevant to the conversation.

    The best way to do that is to get really comfortable telling your story from different angles. Let’s go through some steps you can take to tell your story + make an emotional connection with your audience. 

    I created these steps to get you out of writing overwhelm by unlocking your power through personal storytelling. Sharing your life experience will encourage others to take action while relating to your narrative.



    Step #1 :: Let’s get started. Any time you engage in personal storytelling it’s actually a two way conversation. There’s the writer + the reader, or the person listening. It always helps to think about who your reader will be before you start to write.


    Step #2 :: Decide how you want to frame your story. There are a lot of ways to hook your reader’s attention when telling your narrative. It helps if you start with something surprising. Think about something that occurred in your life that would catch your reader off guard. Try starting with something like..

    Most people don’t know __________ about me.


    Step #3 :: Talk about the benefits. Once you’ve chosen your hook then tell them how your story would benefit them. Begin with..

    In life I’ve learned that __________.

    (Hint: Insert story about what you overcame to get where you are today).


    Step #4 :: Wrap up your story by sharing one actionable step that the reader can use in their own lives right away.


    Step #5 :: Weave together all the steps you just wrote into your story. If you can’t figure out how to start just dive in with the most surprising part in Step #2.

    (Hint: Write out your entire story without editing).


    Step #6 :: Stand up, stretch, + do a little happy dance. You just shared your unique narrative in a clear, simple + engaging story. Rock on with your bad self!

    Still feeling stuck?

    I’ve got some I’ll Write It For You packages that will blow the roof off of all those writing projects you’ve been holding in your pretty little head.

    So here’s my story..

    I was bitten by the travel blogging bug in 2009. My award-winning writing got me fired up about sharing stories online.

    In 2010, I was working as an art installer for museums throughout Los Angeles (+ blogging by night). Then I was unexpectedly injured on the job. The Science Center wanted me to come back to help with the Endeavor Shuttle project.

    I decided to quit my job, so I could run a home-based business. I took my love for writing online + became a copywriter. That decision was huge, but I am beyond happy with the result.

    I feel confident that I can build a stellar copywriting business, spend time with those that mean the most to me. With today’s technology I really can have it all!

    So now I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you to make your dreams grow + cash flow. What that really means is I want you to be seen + truly heard for your greatness. I do that by helping you amplify your voice online.

    Now I want to hear how you’ve gotten to where you’re at in life. Post it in the comments below + thank you for sharing your story.


    With Luminosity,






    P.S. Social Media Week LA is coming in September and this blog post was inspired by my fellow entrepreneurs Diana Alvear, Jaclyn Mullen + Sophia Chang as we prepare for the four part panel we proposed to host.


    P.P.S. I’m leading a DIY Website Writing Workshop Wednesday, Aug. 20 from 7-8:30 p.m. on the east side of Los Angeles. Click HERE for the details from the Facebook invite. 

    free website writing workshop



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