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Website Copy Testimonial

I wanted to book myself for a session after Sarah wrote my copy!

Receiving copy coaching by Sarah Grear really helped breathe life into my website. She taught me how to speak directly to my potential client and guided me on how to make my site be an experience instead of just information about me. I am currently in a coaching program with a master branding guru, and she went through my site with me, and gave me kudos on where I was with my copy. When Sarah wrote the copy for my Virtual Readings and Reiki page the first thing I thought of when I read it was, "This makes me want to book myself for a session!" I love working with Sarah, and look forward to working with her more in the future as my business grows, my site will grow, and she will always be who I go to in all stages of my development!

Kristin Dwan | Alta Dena, California |

Sarah Grear Testimonial

My list is steadily growing from creating the Freebie Opt-In Page with Sarah to build my list. I’ve gained a total of 1,574 new subscribers within my target market, which for me, means money in the bank.

As soon as I hit publish on her copy the sign-ups started flooding into my inbox. Within 24 hours my list grew by 153 subscribers. Now because of the Free Gift opt-in, I confidently send people directly to that page and easily capture their emails in a unique way. Thank you, Sarah and I can’t wait to work on our next project together.

Sherri Calosso | Rancho Palos Verde, Ca |

Sarah Grear Testimonial

Within a week of hiring Sarah, I booked a new client with Sarah's copy!

Sarah wraps up all your content into the most incredible gift that your audience can't wait to open. And when they do your meaning and energy is all inside. It’s pure magic! There was my copy but all arranged in the perfect logical order. Sarah is priceless..and talk about beyond personable fast fast fast.

Jessica Martel | Vancouver, Canada |

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