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  • Live Webinar Series: How to Write + Profit From Your Sales Page

    by on Feb 19th, 2015

    So I’ve been working behind the scenes to find out what all of you really want to learn when it comes to writing your website. After digging through surveys, my inbox + listening to my clients it’s super clear that the number one thing everyone wants to learn is how to profit from their website writing.

    This inspired me to offer a free online workshop teaching all of my best copywriting tricks, so you can jumpstart your sales page writing + profit.  

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    In this workshop you’ll learn:

    • How to choose which type of sales page to create
    • Find out why writing a sales page is really not about selling
    • Learn high level strategies that I’ve only shared with paying clients
    • Setting up a timeline for creating this page
    • Workshop is Feb 28th at 12pm PST/3pm EST 



    Write + Profit From Your Sales Page












    Sign up here:

    Yes there will be a replay for 48 hours. You MUST sign up for the replay + notes from the training to be emailed to you. 

    With Luminosity,





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    P.P.S. As you may have noticed my little copywriting business has grown tremendously in the last year. My income has tripled + I have more time to focus on family, my health + passive income.

    What’s the secret sauce?  Honestly I had to really stretch my creative wings to get here + invest in some top-notch training including Marie Forleo’s B-School (stands for Business School). There were tons of daily disciplines + I’m so grateful that the work is finally matching the pay. If you’re curious about the program I highly recommend checking out Marie Forleo’s FREE Video Training by clicking here:

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  • Want to know more about B-School 2015? My honest review

    by on Feb 5th, 2015

    I’m fortunate to be a graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School (stands for Business School). If you’ve already taken the program then you know it’s an incredible game-changer for your life + business.

    I first found out about this online program from a good friend who had taken the course + then became an affiliate. When I started watching the videos with Marie Forleo I was hooked to her personality.

    B-School for Healers and Creatives

    But what really sold me on her online program was visiting the websites that other B-Schoolers had created for themselves after taking her course. They were so beautiful + underpinned with the most elegant marketing strategy I had ever seen.

    Since I was getting ready to re-launch my website with a new look about the same time I was introduced to B-School, It was a no-brainer when I made the final decision to sign up. But what really pushed me over the edge to join was that I wanted to be a part of the amazing B-School community.

    It was clear that these entrepreneurs were making dreams grow + cash flow.

    Put simply, I wanted a piece of that.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: To be completely up front, I am a proud affiliate of B-School. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you do make a purchase. I recommend Marie Forleo, because I wholeheartedly believe in her + the B-School community. I don’t recommend investing in B-School unless you truly feel it will help you to achieve your goals. All opinions 100% my own.


    Before I discovered Marie Forleo, I felt like I didn’t know what I didn’t know about marketing.

    Which is probably why my copywriting business started to feel stagnant + had hit a glass earning ceiling. I knew a new website with a fresh look + the right strategy would help me to turn online lookers into buyers.

    My copywriting business is my only source of income, so I was fully invested in soaking up everything I could learn from Marie Forleo.

    While this make or break situation wasn’t ideal, it also fueled my passion + creativity to build a business that I could stand by 100%.


    My business has never had such a global reach until now.

    Thanks to the amazing B-School community, I get requests for my services in some of the furthest parts of the world including Africa + Australia. Being a part of Marie Forleo’s B-School community has been priceless. I have connected with so many amazing women + men online, in fact many of them have also become my clients.


    How has my business grown since B-School?

    To be completely honest B-school has been everything to my business, health + confidence since I first enrolled in 2013. I launched my new website from what I learned in B-school, I’ve lost 9% body fat because I have more time to focus on my health, I published a book that brings me passive income every month + I have tripled my income. The best part is that I make enough now to hire a small team to support me + I’m able to give back to my community with my money + my time. Because anyone who signs up has lifetime access to the program I can only begin to imagine what my life will look like five years from now as I continue to implement the lessons from B-School. 


    What was the most surprising part about B-School?

    A fun, unexpected side effect of B-school is that as I started to get my business in better shape, I also wanted to get my body in better shape. I started spending an equal amount of time eating healthy, working out + flexing my creative writing muscles while building my business.


    My life after B-school makes being in business feel way easier. When I work or play, the joy I bring with me everywhere is infectious. I no longer have to struggle to find business + all of my relationships come naturally both online + offline.


    What did I learn from B-School?

    I learned that having a beautiful website, solid marketing plan + building your list can boost your confidence while building your credibility with online clients.

    B-school taught me how to fully inject creativity into my online presence, so I can have the biggest impact in the world. Which in turn means my clients can shine brightly while using their unique talents to make their own mark in the world. 


    Who should attend B-School?

    • If you have a business idea (even if it’s not fully formed) + you are not afraid to fully dive into sharing your unique gifts with the world.
    • If you love being a part of a global community that will support you wholeheartedly + help you to bounce around new ideas for your business.
    • If technology intimidates you, finally get some sound advice on how to tame that beast.


    Who should NOT attend B-School?

    • If changing the world + having a business you love doesn’t light you up then you should probably not join.
    • If you’re already crystal clear on your marketing plan that will grow your business online + offline.
    • If you already make more than enough money + your client waiting list is full for the entire year (by the way this happens to many B-School grads).


    michele and sarahHere’s the bottom line + a sparkly bonus gift for joining through our affiliate link:

    I have teamed up with one of my fellow B-Schooler’s, Dr. Michele Colon, a holistic podiatrist + yoga instructor to give you the best possible bonus offer for signing up through our affiliate link.

    With our combined experience in marketing we will bring all of our expertise to the table to support you through B-School. Keep reading for all of the details..


    Here’s what you’ll get for signing up through us:

    • DIY Copy Course for Healers + Creatives led by Sarah Grear, released later this year to teach you how to make an emotional connection with your copy + profit from your website. Value: $997
    • Ongoing support in a private Facebook community hosted by Sarah Grear where savvy entrepreneurs can learn to leverage technology + profit from understanding how to use online strategies.
    • Healing for Entrepreneurs Course led by Dr. Michele Colon released later this year to teach you how to stay healthy before, during, + after your launch. Value: $697
    • Ongoing support in a private Facebook community hosted by Michele Summers Colon for entrepreneurs that want healing guidance through yoga and Ayurvedic.
    • Weekly group email support from Sarah Grear and Dr. Michele throughout the B-School course. Value: $297


    Total Value: $1,991


    Be the first to gain access to our special offer +

    bonus gift as soon as B-School opens up for enrollment

    Want free writing tips before and after B-School?


    Hint: B-School is only open for enrollment from February 18 – March 4 this year, so be sure to leave your information above + click HERE to get access to Marie Forleo’s free video training series leading up to enrollment.

    With Luminosity, 


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  • how to launch your website in four weeks or less

    by on Jan 21st, 2015

    Right around the time I decided to shift to working with healers + creatives in my business, I met Jen Anderson from the Daring Happiness.

    She’s the fearless leader + Chief Happiness Alchemist of the Daring Happiness Revolution. When she’s not leading Certified Desire Map + Daring Way™ Facilitator workshops she serves clients at her private practice in Portland.

    launch your website in record time

    We crossed paths, because she wanted to launch a new website in record time. I’ll turn it over to her to tell the full story, but first I want to mention that the amount of time it took to launch her site from her first contacting me to the delivery of her final draft was just one week!  Between myself as her copywriter + her graphic designer she was able to move at lightning speed.  


    Q: When did you decide to launch your new website?

    A: I decided that I needed a new website right around Thanksgiving + was hoping that I could launch it by the end of the year. It actually launched on December 20th.


    Untitled 1Q: How did my copy make creating your website easier?

    A: Dude. I feel like I wouldn’t HAVE a website without your copy. Ha! There would be pretty pictures + some really boring words floating around. Your copy made everything fit together with a common thread + gave my designer a better idea of how things should flow. 

    Q: How did my work save you time?

    A: I would have spent weeks doing what you did in a few days. And it still wouldn’t have been as good. You rock.



    Q: How does it feel to have a completed website?

    A: It feels really good. I’m proud of it. I didn’t feel like I was clear enough on my own voice or what I even needed to say to be able to communicate that to you. But boy was I wrong! You got it so easily + quickly + made it very simple to fill out the forms that supply what you need. Plus all the Skype sessions really help. The process was completely painless…I should have done this months ago!

    I also liked the holistic aspect of your service. You really look at the big picture of my business, where I want to go, where I’ve come from, etc. You look at things with all kinds of knowledge + background that I don’t think many copywriters have.


    Here are the three lessons I learned from Jen about how to launch your website in record time:

    #1:: Attitude is Everything- The hardest part about launching a site is going into overwhelm, or taking yourself way too seriously. Working with Jen was a barrel of laughs the entire time, because she completely surrendered + trusted the process of both myself as her copywriter + her designer.


    #2:: Be Daring- Jen’s tagline is “Great Things Come to Those Who Dare.” She embodies this wholeheartedly + now she has a new website to show for it. Many entrepreneurs stop themselves before they ever get started, because they want everything to be perfect. I often tell entrepreneurs that your website is a living document. Instead of trying to make everything perfect just release your ideas out there + know they can always be changed later.


    #3:: Honesty is Key- If you want to get your online presence out there quickly then tell the truth + share your personality. Instead of trying to fill the shoes of what you think you should look + act like online. Oscar Wilde said it best: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. 

    Now I want turn it over to you. What’s your secret to getting things done quickly with your business? Be so kind to leave a comment below, so we can all learn how to be more productive.


    With Luminosity,






    P.S. There’s a new DIY (stands for Do It Yourself) Facebook community forming for healers + creatives. It’s a place for people who love learning how to write their own copy, design their own website, make their own graphics + learn about any other process-based tools that we need to grow our empires.

    Let’s unite + make beautiful marketing media together. Click here to join:

    DIY Community









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