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Hey there! I’m Sarah G.

Thanks for stopping by. You’re in the right place if you want to find out what I’m all about + if you’re a first timer, welcome!

I get a kick out of collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs (read: healers and beautiful creative souls…) who want to be heard in their voice + truly seen for the greatness they possess.


What does that mean?

It means, as a creative writer, my passion is to back up high value copywriting with keen marketing tactics that will amplify your voice.

It means you will no longer feel overwhelmed whenever you turn on your computer to start writing your website content. Finally!

It means we will light a fire under that bio project that you needed to complete yesterday. Pronto!


You get to share your unique gifts with the world while I amplify the volume of your online personality.


As we grow your online audience (+ form some new friendships) those people become your customers.

Here’s the best part, it’s not about selling something to people they don’t want. It’s about developing natural customer relationships that make dreams grow + cash flow. That’s how we roll.


How did I get my online voice started?

I was bitten by the travel blogging bug in 2009. My award-winning writing got me fired up about sharing stories online, because who doesn’t want to get paid to do what they love most?

When I’m not writing about my travel wanderlust, I am devouring books about marketing + writing.

Yes, that’s right. My name is Sarah Grear + I’m a marketing-aholic.

Let me explain. After graduating with a Bachelor’s from Cal State Fullerton, while working at a sales + marketing company for five years, I took my love for writing online + became a copywriter. Since then I have continued investing in my skills + I’ve learned from top notch marketers like Marie Forleo (Hey B-School Babes!).  

The internet has made so much possible in such a small amount of time. Let’s celebrate the times + co-create irresistible copy that amplifies your voice.

If we’ve both done our job we will build a sustainable lifestyle + income for our businesses. That, my friend, is what I’m all about.

Whenever I have tips to help you whip out impeccable content for your business my subscribers are the first to be in the know.


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Sarah GrearLightning Round:

 I’m forever addicted to devouring books about marketing and personal transformation (Big Magic is topping off my bookshelf).

 Most people don’t know I used to spray paint graffiti in my mom’s backyard, I wanted to be a street artist when I grew up. 

 My capacity to be a super fan of Kevin Smith and Lady Gaga all in the same breath makes zero sense and I’m OK with it.

 My love for discovering the world offline is equal to my obsession with bringing people together online. 


Sarah Grear



Professional Bio:

Sarah Grear has written copy for more than 300 projects with built-in strategies to convert cash, delight dream clients and push positive social change. Her high-earning copy is centered on amplifying sales for influential creative and healers who pack way more personality punch than your average digital brand (think Oprah vs. Best Buy).  

Sarah has been named one of  “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by the Huffington Post. She’s worked with the likes of Amber McCue, Hilary Rushford, and Rick Mulready plus a long list of big-hearted brands from startup to earning 7 figures in a single launch (nope, that’s not a typo).

Through her pursuit for high-performing copy and creative direction mastery, she’s learned when your words reflect your highest and best self back to you, your voice becomes so loud it can’t be ignored.








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