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Saying times are moving fast is an understatement these days. Life literally feels like a flash + trying to keep your energy levels up, so you can deal with life creatively, can be tricky at best.

There’s a lot of external + internal noise that has to be channeled to hit your creative energy sweet spot. So how can you get energy to flow in your favor?

The best place to start is with what you already know to be true.

What a relief, right? You can jumpstart your energy by listening to your body, mixing in all the tools + resources already available to you + voila a tasty recipe of delicious energy leaving you primed to share your creativity with the world.

This month’s theme is all about releasing creative blocks while using your mind, body + writing from the soul. Today my lovely friend Erin Weber Vaughan has been so kind to walk you through her creative living recipe:

I’ll let Erin take it from here..

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EWV: Every day I am bombarded with the idea that I can have it all. I want the fulfilling career, happy family, thriving sex life + not to mention, I better look damn good in the process. In my business I wear a lot of different hats: chef, yoga instructor, health coach.

At times I think that each role is at war with each other, as I chef I spend too much time eating cold leftovers while standing up in my client’s kitchen, the yoga instructor in me wants to bag it all + go meditate on a mountaintop, while the health coach can only throw up her hands + pray I go for the green juice over the bottle of wine.

All this hustle can end in burnout + that, my dears, is the number one enemy to my creativity. Not having enough energy to go around.

By eating the right foods at the right times, we can optimize our diet in a way that provides us the energy to get it all done + have enough left to truly shine in our creative pursuits.

Miracles take time + to go the distance we need fuel, stamina + a plan.

Here are a few easy to implement ideas that will keep your inner artist nourished, happy + productive.

Digestion is an energy hog. By improving your digestion you can free up a lot of energy to be used however you see fit. The easiest fix is to properly chew your food. I know, I sound like your mama but she was right.

We have to chew our food as best as we can, the ideal being until it is fully liquified. Kris Carr said it so perfectly: our stomach does not have teeth. Digestion begins in the mouth + by putting those pearly whites to good use, we can save our precious energy.  

Your body loves routine. I know taste buds often like new thrilling experiences, however our bodies prefer the same-old same-old.

By eating structured meals at regular times your body is primed to receive + digest your food, plus you will avoid creativity killing energy dips caused by low blood sugar.

To me an ideal eating day is three meals: a good breakfast filled with protein + fat before 10 am to fuel my morning, a solid balanced lunch + satisfying dinner. I try to avoid too much snacking as that is just more food to digest, so I try to eat enough at mealtimes to get me through to my next scheduled nosh.

When I do have a snack attack, I try my hardest to avoid sugar as this just leads to a big crash later. Eating regularly is my biggest challenge as work so often interferes, but the more I commit to regular meal times the more energy + creativity I have.

Fat is your friend. This is a very controversial topic + goes against a lot of what has been preached in the past as a healthy approach to eating.

It takes courage to listen to your body + do what is right for you.

A lot of research is now coming out to dispel the myth that saturated fats cause heart disease + that by eating fat we will in turn, become fat.

If this is something that interests you please check out the work of Mary Enig, Phd + Chris Masterjon of the blog The Daily Lipid. Hit up Google, you will have plenty of resources to allow you to come to your own decisions.

I eat a lot of fat, saturated fat in particular + it keeps me energized + able to tackle the monster days we all face as creative beings. My preference is nutrient dense animal proteins filled with saturated fats but for the vegetarians among us, coconut oil is a delicious source of saturated fat + an incredibly safe oil to use for cooking.

Healthy fats keep hunger at bay, crowd out sweets + junk foods + keeps our brain fueled with the fatty acids it needs to operate in top form.

There is so much information out there about nutrition + health, with many of the concepts being in direct conflict with each other.

Trust that your body knows best + when it is properly fueled you will have the energy you need to realize your dreams + express yourself fully.

These three concepts may seem simple enough, but when implemented correctly they can make massive improvements to your energy levels + enhance your ability to tackle your creative pursuits.

Our energy is a precious limited resource, so here’s to spending it wisely.

Erin’s Bio:

Erin Weber Vaughan is a Los Angeles based health coach, yoga instructor + personal chef. When she is not cooking, gardening or working out she is drinking bone broth + indulging her sweet tooth with homemade raw ice cream while watching Game of Thrones. You can find out more about her real food reality at


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