How to Change the World With Your Business Beliefs

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Change the world with your businessThis past year I went in fully aware that I was craving more spirituality in my life + business. This quest sent me on an epic hike through Zion, a business manifesting retreat with Marianne’s Women’s Business Momentum Center + learning about reiki + tarot from my sage friend Kristin. Throughout all of these experiences, I stayed in the learning seat soaking up as much information as I could.

And then there was that one pivotal question asked by my dear friend + life coach Jessica Colp. It went something like this.. at least this is how I heard it.

Do you ever stop to think about your beliefs + how you want to build your life + business around them?

With her blessing, I’m sharing the exercises I learned in her class that helped me to flesh out my business + life beliefs. She prompted us to choose business brands that we look up to + define what it is about their brand that we respect + admire.


Normally I would have a really hard time coming up with an answer + I would have to dig deep to respond such a heavy question. But when I used the lens of  looking at other brands + dissecting what it is I like about them, I found my business + life beliefs came pouring out of me. I suddenly knew exactly how I wanted to move through the world.

So here’s what I wrote down that day + I added one of my recent clients to the list (keep reading to find out why):

#1:: Jay Z –  You can easily focus on the positive + things that matter most.

#2:: Lady Gaga – Creativity will always fuel my vision to make a positive change in the world while I’m redefining what people think is beautiful.

#3:: Macklemore – Independence allows you the most creative freedom to express yourself.

#4:: Marie Forleo – We can use our marketing savvy to create positive change in the world.

#5:: Elizabeth Gilbert – Showing up every day to do the work, even when it’s incredibly hard to make that happen, is the biggest win + will inspire others.

#6:: Chrisette Michele – Speaking your truth will give you wings + help you to soar to new heights in every aspect of your life + business.

It’s clear I’m heavily influenced by music + there’s also my marketing guru Marie Forleo, my all-time favorite writer Elizabeth Gilbert + my most recent client Chrisette Michele (her new EP is out this week and I’m excited to announce we have two more projects releasing soon— stay tuned!). All of these brands made it easy for me to pinpoint what I value most and believe in wholeheartedly.

Along with the beliefs that I wrote down, I also created a mantra as a reminder to my highest self. I have several of these recorded to my phone that I listen to each morning:

As my business grows exponentially I will be one hundred percent in creator mode + the right people will naturally be be attracted to working with me.

Now I want to turn this exercise over to you. What business brands do you follow that you can use as a lens to define what you believe + how you want to move through the world? Can you create a daily mantra to remind you of what matters most?

Share it in the comments below + I can’t wait to hear all about them.

With Luminosity,





P.S. The best news about this exercise is now, whenever you’re stalking your favorite musician online you can say you’re doing “business research.” Don’t judge me for watching this one over + over again.

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