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 Unleash your business

Many people have asked me for a sneak peek of what I will be offering during the Unleash Your Voice two day writing workshop happening November 7 + 8 in Los Angeles.

This week I’m offering a FREE sample of the workshop to give you a taste of what we will accomplish during the two day website writing workshop.

Even if you can’t make it to the two day event I encourage you to take advantage of this workshop to see what it would be like to reveal your business brand + amplify your writing with other like-minded entrepreneurs + brave souls.

During this free workshop I share case studies of what my other clients have created using these same exact guidebooks.

Just click on the image above to go directly to the sign up page for this free workshop or click HERE.

What will you get when you sign up?

  • This FREE writing guide will assist you in laying the foundation for your brand.
  • Your brand is so much more than a logo. You will receive a guide book with actionable steps that will serve as a lens for telling your brand story + making an emotional connection with your copy.
  • As you get more comfortable revealing your brand greatness you will attract more of your dream clients online.


In case you missed it + want more information about the two day Unleash Your Voice workshop happening November 7 + 8 this will give you an idea of what we will cover:

During the website writing workshop you will create sticky + concise content for your business that turns online lookers into buyers.

You will be able to apply everything that you learn about writing to both your online + print content for your business.

Module 1:: Business Brand Building with Strategy

We will cover actionable steps that will serve as a lens for telling your brand story + making an emotional connection with your copy. This content will also serve as the bio for social media + a print brochure.

Module 2:: Homepage Heroes

How to distill your greatness on your homepage to catch your reader’s attention in three seconds or less. This content can also be used as the cover page of your brochure or flyer.

Module 3:: The Almighty Sales Page

How to write a sales page that doesn’t feel hard sales-y + focuses more on inviting your reader to an experience.

Module 4:: More Sales Page + Pitching Media, Oh My!

Fine tuning your sales page strategy + how to get the media to pay attention to your story.

Sign up for the two day website writing workshop by clicking HERE.

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