How to Release Creative Blocks When Writing About Yourself

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You want to share your unique story with the world, but where to start? I know it’s never easy trying to distill your greatness onto a page online or offline.

Let’s face it if you’re trying to write your about page, bio, or byline (the byline is a short bio at the bottom of an article) it can be downright nerve-racking. You probably feel way too close to your own story to be able to share it properly.

You’ve got questions ringing in your head like: How do you keep the reader engaged with your story? You have loads of experience, so where do you start?

There’s a ton of noise in our head that stops us from writing our story.

So let’s talk about three steps to releasing creative blocks when writing about yourself. 

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This first step I’m going to share I first found out about when I attended one of Elizabeth Gilbert’s talks. She explained that each one of her books are written to one person.

This concept totally blew my mind, because when you narrow down the reader to one person you drop a lot of the noise around trying to please everyone that comes across your story.


Step 1 :: Decide right now who will be reading your story + write their name below.

Hint: This person should be someone that could benefit from what you have to offer. A peer you respect or someone that inspires you + fills you with admiration.

Name: _____________________


Step 2 :: Tips for releasing creative blocks on the road to greatness.

  • When you’re getting ready to write your story try to dive in with the most surprising part that you can recall. This will jumpstart the writing process, so don’t overthink it. Just dive in with whatever comes to mind first.  

  • Once you get going, try to write out your entire story first without editing. When you stop to edit you’re pausing the flow. Save the edits for the end.

  • Still feeling stuck? Try recording your story on your phone. The most reliable app that I’ve found on my phone is called Easy Voice Recorder.

  • If you’ve written out your story + you’re having a hard time editing, try out these tricks to get you through the process. Check out your paragraphs + make sure each paragraph (2-3 sentences at the most) only talks about one idea. Don’t be afraid to break up the paragraphs to help you think through your ideas. Your reader will be secretly thanking you.

  • Once you have gone through to make your edits make sure the transitions between each idea are as smooth as possible. Think of beads on a necklace + the string is your transitions holding together all of your ideas together. 


Step 3 :: Stand up, stretch + do a little happy dance.

{although I can’t prove it I believe dance is another great way to release creative blocks}

You, my friend, now have some tools that you can play with to release creative blocks + write your story.

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    • ~CDA

      at 13:21:07

      Love this Sarah, and totally looking forward to your phone course. I had to do this recently, and only in retrospect after reading your article, I realize I was focusing my attention on a particular audience as I wrote.

      • Sarah Grear

        at 23:22:56

        Thank you so much! I’m so pumped you will be on the call, since we are going to go even deeper on these subjects.

    • Lana Shlafer

      at 09:37:34

      I love this post and the suggestions you mention Sarah! Especially dance breaks. I take at least one dance break a day and I swear that these movement awakenings are one of the secrets to my success!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 23:21:42

        Thanks Lana! As you know I fully believe in movement to clear blocks. I also love that it’s such a simple tool that can have a big impact on creativity.



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