how do i save time in my business?

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How do I save time in my businessA few months ago I made a commitment to myself. I decided to make friends with time. That meant I would no longer blame lack of time for not being able to finish projects. I would stop telling myself there was never enough time + I promised that I would look at time as an abundant resource.

Along the way I kept a time journal, created an ideal schedule + researched online technology that I could leverage so I could work smarter, not harder. What I discovered has made a world of difference in my business growth. From bringing on new hires to my team to writing this very blog that you’re reading, I left no stone unturned in my pursuit to woo time + have it work in my favor.

Below are my favorite tools for time-strapped entrepreneurs that I discovered + the best part is none of these time saving tools will cost you a dime. Just swipe for your business + enjoy!


#1 Blog Writing :: My personal favorite is this quick writing tip for getting blogs out quickly.

1. Install the Google Drive app on your smart phone.

2. Open up a new doc.

3. Use the voice recognition on your phone for a quick + dirty transcription.

This means your first draft of your blog post can be written in 10 minutes or less!!


#2 Fast Editing :: My latest discovery about fast editing is to use multiple screens for different views.

So if you’re writing something on your computer screen switch + edit the document on your smart phone or vice versa. That little pivot from one screen to the next will help you catch all those awkward sentences + grammar mistakes.  

This means your writing will come out super sharp + clear.


#3 Hiring Your Team :: When it comes to building your team there are certain mistakes to avoid. I go in depth on this subject in another blog post, but you can grab a few quick mistakes to avoid below.

1. Settling on a new hire before you know their strengths. Avoiding this is all in asking the right questions.

2. Making sure the price matches the skills. Be sure to check out their work + get references.

3. Are your timelines a good fit? Give them a scope of when you need things done, so you can both get on the same page about deliverables.


#4 Training Your Team :: A friend recently shared this genius tip with me. The best way to get everyone on my team up to speed on tasks is by recording my screen while performing a task.

1. Before you start your task open up your recording software.

2. Record your task.

3. Upload it to Dropbox + send the task to your team.

This means you no longer have to be in the driver’s seat to get projects completed. I highly recommend that you start recording your tasks + filing them even before you have a team in place, because when business growth comes a knockin’ you will be ready.

Pro Tip: CamStudio is free for Windows + I’ve heard that Screenflow is a great tool for Macs ($99 a year), as well as Quicktime, which comes pre-installed and is free on the Mac.


#5 Manifesting Business :: This quick manifesting tip has saved me time, because I feel like I might forget to remind myself every day about my goals + aspirations. So I record them on my phone.

1. Open your app store on your phone.

2. Download Easy Voice Recorder.

3. Record your daily affirmations.

Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting to nudge the universe into making all your wildest dreams become reality.


#6 PR Research :: I have to share this quick PR tip, because it has saved me so much time with my business.

1. Search Google Alerts in your browser

2. Enter your name in Google Alert

3. Set up the alert to notify you by email when your name is used online

This means every time your name is posted on the interwebs you will be notified. No more checking back with HuffPo to see if you have been published, or wondering if your guest blog post was used.

Pro Tip: If you have a common name then add a descriptor like Jane Doe, Coach or Jane Doe, Graphic Designer.

Those are the different tools that I came up with to help me save time in my business. I would love to hear from you in the comments below + learn what tools you use to grow your business.

With Luminosity,






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    • Brittany

      at 10:56:57

      Some great tips! I heard you on Annette’s show and loved your segment. We can all hide behind being “busy” but the reality is that if you really want something done — you’ll make it happen. These were some great hacks — especially regarding training others and yourself on better task/project management.

      • Grear

        at 13:15:27

        Thank you Brittany for tuning in <3
        Totally agree! We need to reframe the way we think abouot being busy.
        Yes, I love when a team comes together and everyone is slaying it!

    • Kim K.

      at 21:14:36

      Thank you Sarah, I LOVE this!

      • Sarah Grear

        at 21:46:49

        You’re so welcome!

    • Sasha Stone

      at 22:41:45

      Love this post Sarah! Making friends with time is so important. Whenever someone says “I don’t have time,” my response is always, “no one does, but we can create time!” It’s amazing how much our thoughts and our energy influences time. We can literally expand it, or let it waste away without ever getting anything. Gay Hendricks discusses a great concept known as Einstein Time in his book The Big Leap. If you haven’t read it already, I’m sure you would love it.

      • Sarah Grear

        at 13:39:57

        Sasha you are spot on with those comments AND a little synchronicity. I just finished reading The Big Leap yesterday!! Great book and TY for the reco.



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